Belgrade Serbia

and trade
of heating pipes

Elektrolimex d.o.o.

Rich experience in industrial sheet metal processing is the foundation on which Elektrolimex is based.

KElektrolimex company was founded on 04.06.1992. with the primary business of trading enamelled products, construction carts, mixers and other related products.

Today, Elektrolimex is a leader in the region with a primary activity in the production of enamelled flue pipes, export and distribution in the domestic market, as well as service enamelling for clients.

The company headquarters are located in Belgrade, while the production facility is located in the territory of the Municipality of Indjija.

  • 28

    of experiance

  • 10

    countries to which
    we export products

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    products of quality
    at the highest level

Our products

Enamelled pipes L1000

Production of 1000mm enamelled pipes

Enamelled pipes L500

Production of 500mm enamelled pipes

Enamelled pipes L250

Production of 250mm enamelled pipes

Enameled knees

Production of enameled knees